Brow Code Tinted Multi-Peptide Brow Gel

Why a Peptide-Infused Brow Gel is the Cosmeceutical You Need

Even with the array of brow shapes, styles and colours (or the lack of) we are presented with today, the brow-obsessed community undeniably seems to be chasing that big, fluffy brow look we’ve grown to love in the past decade. When it comes to faking a fuller brow appearance (unless, of course you’re naturally blessed with the gift of grown-out brows), the first beauty product that comes to mind is none other than the fuss-free, convenient and wonderfully effective saviour-of-our-dreams - Eyebrow Gels!

What makes Eyebrow Gels a fantastic brow styling product is their ability to bring serious volume to flat brows and set the hairs with a lifted, long-lasting hold, in just a few quick flicks of the hand. If low-maintenance beauty is right up your alley, brow gels can safely take the top spot of your makeup regimes. 

Still, with ever-evolving brow trends and a myriad of styles, comes the increased demand for hybrid brow products that meet multiple brow needs all at once, in an efficient, time-saving manner. Brow needs may vary from person to person, but popularly you might note brow colouring, fuller arches, hair growth and nourishment, are the main desirables.

An Eyebrow Gel That Does It All

Luckily at Brow Code, we understood the assignment. After listening to our customers' most wished-for brow needs, we created ONE solution-delivering, multipurpose product that ticks three boxes all at once. Meet the Tinted Multi-Peptide Brow Gel, a one-of-its-kind Eyebrow Gel offering a triple action of tint, volume and nourishment, with one powerful formulation.

As much as we love brow cosmetics with the transformative power of professional styling treatments, we also understand the importance of brow care products that actively work to ensure healthy, replenished and strong brows so you can live your best brow life. To bridge the gap between brow beauty and brow care that currently exists in the beauty landscape, we infused our Tinted Eyebrow Gel with a total of 11 peptides, a dynamic pharmaceutical ingredient that provides the skin and hairs with proteins and promotes healthy hair growth. When you combine cosmetic and pharmaceutical benefits what you have is a cosmeceutical - a makeup product that not just beautifies on the surface level, but provides essential internal nourishment and nutrition for measurable improvement over an ongoing period of time.

Let's uncover what our revolutionary Tinted Multi-Peptide Eyebrow Gel has to offer.

The Cosmetic Side

Eyebrows are the one facial feature that catch the eye and make a statement straight away and our Tinted Multi-Peptide Brow Gel makes it easy to nail that statement-making brow look in minutes. The combination of Carnauba and Synthetic Waxes in the formula helps set even the most stubborn hairs in place with an elevated hold for a complete, volume-filled brow arch. But then again, that’s what all clear eyebrow gels do.

What gives Tinted Brow Gels the edge, is obviously their namesake ability to tint. Ask a professional brow stylist and they’ll tell you without a second thought that Eyebrow Tinting is the number one, most in-demand salon treatment to date that clients somewhat have a die-hard relationship with. Although tints (and dyes) are typically long-lasting with the stain lasting from a week to even a month on the brows, they are semi-permanent in nature and require frequent touch-ups. This is where Tinted Eyebrow Gels come in as a fantastic alternative.

Along with adding volume to the brows, our Tinted Multi-Peptide Brow Gel adds pigment and depth to the brows for a bold, defined and darkened effect with the convenient affordability of everyday styling. Compared to the more sharp, crisp cut look of a professional dye service, the Tinted Gel lends a subtle colour fill to the brows with a perfect balance between natural, sleek and glam.

If you’re still drooling over Cara Delevingne's lust worthy 2012 brows (because we're not over it) - bushy, dark and with a touch of ungroomed (read: natural) - you're in luck with Brow Code's richly pigmented and easy lifting Tinted Eyebrow Gel. Available in a diverse shade range including Taupe, Soft Brown, Chocolate, Dark Brown and Granite.

Why Brow Cosmeceuticals Are Much-Needed

Cosmetics are a great way to replicate a full eyebrow look, whether that’s in the form of fluffing up the hairs with a water-based gel, wax or soap, filling them in with pencils and pomades, or entirely dyeing them to darker shades. But while cosmetics do the job temporarily, what’s also important to consider in the context of full brows is hair growth in the long-run. In case you hadn’t heard, eyebrow growth has been the talk of town for a while now, with everyone seeking products that reverse the effects of years of over-plucking and favouring their natural arches, no matter what end of the beauty-enthusiast scale they find themselves on.

Now, we know brow growth is much sought-after and the ultimate goal for us brow lovers really, but the question is how do you actually set off on this oh-so-amazing growth journey?

The answer comes as no surprise. Hair growth, whether that’s on your scalp or brows, goes hand in hand with a proper care practice, one that works to collectively nourish, strengthen, stimulate, and ultimately provide a healthy growing ground for hairs. As more and more people champion powerful skincare and haircare products (sometimes even more so than makeup) in their beauty regimes, the use of brow care products with nourishing ingredients becomes especially relevant.

Here’s where Peptides come in - an ingredient that ranks high in the scheme of all things beauty-backed-by-science. Simply put, peptides are naturally-occuring strings of amino acids that help build protein and contribute to the health and nutritional requirements of the body. Packed with properties ranging from strengthening to smoothening, it makes for a popular (and highly beneficial) ingredient choice for many cosmeceutical products. Relating to brow growth particularly, peptides support a healthy hair follicle that promotes both new hair shafts to grow and increases the length of existing brow hair, along with boosting collagen production - a much-needed protein for good quality and texture of the hairs. 

What Peptides Does This Tinted Eyebrow Gel Have?

So yes. Peptides are great. How many different kinds are there? Plenty. Each peptide, based on its molecular pattern, is unique when it comes to the purpose it serves for our cosmetic needs but the benefits of compounding peptides together are many. 

Brow Code’s Tinted Multi-Peptide Brow Gel boasts a formulation of not one but 11 nourishing, scientifically-backed peptide technologies targeted specifically to improve brow health and brow growth. 

Peptides included in the formulation: Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Acetyl Hexapeptide-1, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-9, Copper Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Hexapeptide-11, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5.

Clinical trials have shown the specific peptide technologies in this formulation to positively impact eyebrow hair growth and improve the overall health of the brows, making the Tinted Multi-Peptide Brow Gel as good a brow care product as a growth serum.

Along with a powerhouse of peptides, the Tinted Brow Gel formula also boasts high-efficacy beauty ingredients like Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid, recognised widely for their skincare and hair growth stimulating benefits.

Words From Our Founder

“Everyone’s about fuller and healthier eyebrows these days”, says Melanie Marris, Founder of Brow Code. “Some people fill in their brows with colour while some others fluff them up to fake a fuller appearance. We thought, let’s create a brow cosmeceutical that does it all. The Tinted Multi-Peptide Brow Gel beautifies the brows both temporarily and contributes to their ongoing maintenance in the long-run. It’s not your everyday styling gel that gets you flawless-looking brows with lift and colour, but also an excellent way to get started on your brow growth journey.”

Okay, Give Me That Peptide Goodness

There we have it. A truly all-in-one eyebrow gel that’ll keep your brows on-fleek ALWAYS; there’s really no excuses. Perfect for quickly adding volume to the brows, perfect for maintaining an on-point colour between your tinting appointments and perfect for engaging in brow care along the way! Brow Code’s Tinted Multi-Peptide Brow Gel is an easy-styling cosmetic that doesn’t compromise on performance. And remember it’s not just beauty, but beauty backed by science. We’re so here for it. If you haven’t tried a brow cosmeceutical before, this is your sign to buy one.

Ready to give your brows the ultimate styling experience? Shop all five shades of the Tinted Eyebrow Gel here.